Program Cooperation Background

The Mongolian government held a working meeting and decided to officially launch the railway connection program  from Tavan Tolgoi to Gashuun Sukhait (Gants Mod) port on the China-Mongolia border. The railway has a total length of 270 kilometers and is planned to be completed and put into use in 2021.

Abbreviations for “the Silk Road Economic Belt” and “the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”

Borrowing the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, we will hold high the banner of peaceful development, actively develop economic partnerships with countries along the route, and work together to build a community of interests, destiny and responsibility characterized by mutual political trust, economic integration and cultural tolerance.

Mongolian Customers Visit China Coal Group For Visits and inspections — VISIT SURVEY —

On December 17, 2019, Mongolian businessmen visited China Coal Group to discuss the progress of the purchased rail and turnout products and the next step of cooperation. The railway rail materials purchased this time are mainly used for local railway construction in Mongolia. The early cooperation between the two sides was very pleasant, laying a good foundation for future trade exchanges between the two countries.

Inspection Site For Railroad Turnout — INSPECTION SITE —

From measurement and inspection, the staff conducted a multi-dimensional inspection of the steel rails. The quality of the turnouts purchased by the customer meets technical requirements and relevant standards, including pre production inspection, mid production inspection, and pre shipment inspection. The staff will not overlook any details or parameters, laying a solid foundation for future railway construction.

Raise the banner of peaceful development high, Actively developing economic partnership with countries along the Belt and Road。
Railway Rail Delivery Site — DELIVERY SITE —

In order to speed up the progress of project cooperation, ensure the customer’s demand for railway construction, and actively respond to the call of the country for the the Belt and Road Initiative, our group sent the steel rails to the project construction site in Mongolia by means of railway and highway intermodal transportation, ensuring the timely construction of the railway. Therefore, this project is still continuously increasing, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two group companies and trade exchanges between the two countries.

Mongolia Turnout Delivery — TURNOUT DELIVERY —

Turnout is an indispensable part of railroad construction, China Coal Group has been committed to the multi-faceted development, after the delivery of a batch of rails, the two groups once again reached an agreement on the smooth cooperation, completed a number of batches of turnout delivery, accelerating the progress of the railroad construction project.

Mongolian Railway Rails Construction Site — CONSTRUCTION SITE —

Under the cloudless blue sky and in the wide prairie of the plain, the construction workers are working feverishly and intensively. The cordial condolences of the higher leaders made the construction staff more energized to work. The leaders inquired about the current personnel situation, project progress, project difficulties, construction equipment and so on.

Media Reports — MEDIA REPORTS —

The Mongolian TV station focused on this project, which strongly explored the international market and promoted the rapid development of the Group's cross-border e-commerce. China Coal Group actively participates in the construction of global railroad projects, and with solid product quality and customer-first service attitude, it has made China Coal brand in the world.

The leaders gave instructions on the overall situation of the project, affirmed the current project achievements, and expressed their deep condolences to the construction staff fighting on the front line. No detail is spared and no problem is missed to ensure the overall project is safe and stable. After inquiring about the situation, the leaders checked the tightness of each screw to kill any hidden danger in the cradle.

At the construction site, the leaders and construction workers together have been put into the erection of rails, experience in the construction of the railroad construction workers experienced hardships and difficulties.

Sleepers have been neatly displayed and stones on the ground are ready. The smooth progress of “the Belt and Road Initiative” cannot lack their figures. In this dusty landscape, we can see figures moving forward tirelessly, fearless of hard work and courageously moving forward.

The cooperation scope of “the Belt and Road” is expanding and the cooperation fields are broader. It not only brings tangible cooperation dividends to all parties involved, but also contributes wisdom and strength to the world in addressing challenges, creating opportunities, as well as strengthening confidence.