China Coal Group Participation 2024 Qingdao International Construction And Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition Ended Successfully

Date: 2024-04-30 Browse: 1436

On April 27, the four-day 2024 Qingdao International Construction Machinery and Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition was successfully concluded at Qingdao International Exhibition Center. As one of the important exhibitors of the exhibition, China Coal Group made a glorious appearance with many of its high-end products and advanced technologies, and took a large sales order, which demonstrated to the world the powerful strength and unlimited potential of China's manufacturing industry.

In this grand event where domestic and foreign industry elites gathered, China Coal Group undoubtedly became the focus of the spotlight, with dozens of star exhibits on display, highlighting the Group's rapid progress in new technologies, new materials, new work methods, new energy and other aspects, and constantly catalyzing the renewal of the global construction machinery product iteration, presenting a new trend of the development of intellectualization, digitization, electrification, and unmanned development, and becoming the driving force in the industry's development. It is becoming the main force driving the development of the industry.

The products displayed by China Coal Group in this exhibition cover a multi-disciplinary and all-round construction machinery industry chain from basic construction equipment to intelligent logistics solutions. Each of the exhibits has condensed the enterprise's efforts and wisdom, which not only reflects the exquisite manufacturing technology, but also shows the enterprise's unremitting pursuit of green energy saving and intelligent development. The exhibition is not only a platform for product exchange, but also a stage for the collision of ideas. Through in-depth technical discussion, business negotiation and cooperation signing, China Coal Group further consolidated its position in the global market and laid a solid foundation for future development.

With the curtain falling on 2024 Qingdao International Construction Machinery & Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition, China Coal Group's participation in this exhibition ended successfully and returned with honor, and the song of triumph resounded through the clouds. Behind this, the hard work of every China Coal employee is indispensable, and it also highlights the excellent performance of Chinese enterprises in the global competition. In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, plough into the field of construction machinery, drive the development by innovation, and continuously launch more innovative products and technical solutions to provide new and old customers around the world with better service and support, and move towards the goal of a world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise with courage and perseverance.