China Coal Group Signs International Order For 100 Units Equipment Detonating CDBE 2024

Date: 2024-04-28 Browse: 1339

On April 26th, 2024 Qingdao International Construction Machinery and Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition has entered into the third day, and a heavy news like bright fireworks bloomed over the exhibition: China Coal Group successfully signed a large order of 100 sets of electric forklifts with Vietnamese customers! This signing not only demonstrates the strong manufacturing strength and market influence of China Coal Group, but also injects a strong impetus for China and even the global construction machinery industry.

With the signing of the big sales order of China Coal Group, the crowd at the exhibition instantly boiled over, people stopped in front of China Coal Group's booth, either marveling at it or looking forward to the future prosperity of the market in warm exchanges. This is not only a simple transaction between enterprises, it symbolizes trust, cooperation and win-win situation, and foretells a bright prospect of closer economic ties and common development between China Coal Group and other countries in the context of globalization.

The signing of this large order by China Coal Group is undoubtedly a strong affirmation of China's manufacturing industry. These electric forklifts will play an important role in the construction of major infrastructure in Vietnam, and they will be the brand new business card of Chinese manufacturing, showing the world the charm and strength of "Made In China".

The contract was signed, the pen was put to paper, and this big order of 100 sets of electric forklifts was officially announced. In the next step, China Coal Group, as a leader in the industry, will continue to drive forward with innovation, constantly improve its competitiveness, and steadily march towards the grand goal of becoming a global leader!